Kinetic Art

Reg Gadney in Conversation

Cambridge School of Art Fine Art Research Unit Seminar

2:00 PM 18th February 2015

Reg Gadney, painter, renowned crime fiction and screenplay writer, former Pro-Rector of the Royal College of Art, co-organised as a student the 1st International Exhibition of Concrete, Kinetic and Phonic Poetry held at his Cambridge college, St Catharine’s in 1964.

Lumidyne with 3 components by Frank J. Malina (1966)

Sink and Source: Lumidyne with 3 components (1966) by Frank J. Malina

Whilst studying English, Fine Art and Architecture at Cambridge and later as a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his advocacy of kinetic art and its revolutionary abandonment of traditional painting in The London Magazine and elsewhere excited considerable attention. He was not alone in arguing for the radical implications of the then emergent techniques introducing actual light and movement into the frame of the picture as can be seen in the contemporary articles on display in the gallery by Frank Popper and Frank J. Malina.

For this FARU seminar, Reg Gadney will present images from some of the 1960s works, particularly by Malina whose ‘Spring II’ is presently on show in the Ruskin Gallery. In discussion with Bronac Ferran, the show’s co-curator, he will address the issues raised by the work of kinetic artists of the 1960’s in Paris and describe his involvement with them and engage in a general discussion.