On Sunday 15th February a group of us gathered at the Alphabet Museum, in Eric Marland’s Studio, The Chapel, Ascension Parish Burial Ground, All Souls Lane, off Huntingdon Road in Cambridge for a daylong workshop to learn the basics of how to carve a poem in stone.  Eric had helpfully lit the wondrous fire and collected some fabulous pieces of Portland Stone for we beginners to work on (and had cleaned these up so they looked pristine and expectant on our arrival).



After a day’s close working and learning and trying out and testing – everyone who attended developed an ability to cut letters into stone, and a deep enthusiasm for further pursuit of this craft.  A highlight for me was when two young chaps ventured into the Chapel: Eric asked Are you looking for Wittgenstein’s Grave and their answer came swiftly No we are looking for the Alphabet Museum!

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